5 Reasons Why Sleep is Essential to Your Health

Believe it or not – the quality of your sleep will play an important role in your health and overall day. It is just as important as eating healthy and getting regular exercise. Unfortunately, our major rush and busy lifestyles are interfering with our natural quality of sleep.

Here are 5 reasons why sleep is essential to your health.

Lack of sleep with making you gain weight

Studies reveal that the poor quality of sleep is linked to weight gain. Those who have short sleep cycles tend to weigh more than those who get enough sleep. In fact, the short sleep duration is one of the major factors of obesity.

According to one study, children and adults who lack sleep are more prone to rapid weight gain and obesity. The effect of sleep and weight gain is due to various factors that include hormones and exercise.

Quality of Sleep Prevents Overeating

Studies reveal that individuals who are deprived of sleep tend to have a bigger appetite and eat more calories than they should. This will disrupt the daily levels of appetite in the body and cause the hormones to have poor regulation. Poor sleep will affect hormones and eat more than those who have enough sleep.

Proper Sleep will Increase Productivity and Focus

Sleep is important to various functions of the brain. This includes the brain’s productivity, performance, concentration, and cognition. With sleep deprivation, the body will be negatively affected. With proper sleep, this will improve problem-solving skills and the memory performance.

Maximize Physical Performance

Efficient sleep has also been found to improve physical performance. According to recent studies, athletes with longer sleep were shown to have higher speed, accuracy, mental focus, and reaction times. The lack of sleep is also shown to limit function and performance, especially in elderly women.

Lack of Sleep Increases Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease

The quality and time of sleep can play a major effect on the body and lead to various risk factors. These factors are said to maximize chronic diseases such as stroke and heart disease.


With proper nutrition and exercise, sleep will help improve the body’s overall health and achieve optimal well-being.

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