4 Common Fears That Cause Parents to Not Vaccinate Their Children

While vaccines do have risks, there are far more diseases that require protection. Many families fear of the short-term side effects of vaccines but do not realize how much protection vaccines actually gives the human body.

Here are 4 common fears that cause parents to not vaccinate their children.

Vaccines are high in toxins

One of the biggest misunderstandings families have today is the idea of prolonged susceptibility to the diseases. In fact, delaying the vaccine will increase the risk of the disease. While there is no proof that spacing out vaccinations are safe, following the recommended schedule will provide the best possible protection.

Vaccines are mostly made up of water that contains antigens. They also contain additional ingredients to help stabilize the solution and improve the effectiveness of the vaccine. One thing that parents worry about is the mercury contained in vaccines that are used to preserve thimerosal.

Vaccines don’t work

A majority of vaccines have 90% effectiveness. The effectiveness of the vaccine depends on the strains used. The bottom line is that vaccines have decreased the rate of deaths, disabilities, and hospitalizations now than any other time in history.

Vaccines are only used to help big Pharma earn lots of money

While vaccines are relatively safe, there are still unanticipated side effects that may occur. People should not have to fear the burden of the effects as the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program offers funding to help pay for the medical costs.

Vaccines have side effects that are worse than the disease itself

Major pharmaceutical companies do profit from vaccines but they are hardly top income drugs. While companies may earn a profit from their products, the main objective is to stabilize the immunity of the country. Before the varicella vaccine was introduced, over 100 children were killed every year.

Vaccines are forcing me to violate my rights

As every state has their own share of vaccination laws, the main mission is to protect the children who might have a compromised immune system. Every state may allow exemptions for medical reasons but all offer various requirements.

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