Online Doctor Consultations: How Does It Work?

With overcrowded waiting rooms and the cost of healthcare, online options for consultations and medicine have become very popular. More and more people are choosing to rather book an online appointment with a doctor at a time that suits them. Often, if you go online in search of a doctor, you will be helped within the hour.

So, how exactly do these appointments work?

Online doctor’s consultations are not exactly the same everywhere. The format and procedure will be different from platform to platform. However, the major parts of the process remain the same.

Step 1: Book an Appointment

The first thing you have to do is book an appointment. On any online pharmacy and doctor’s website, you will find a button that says something like ‘Start Your Consultation’ or

Book an Appointment’. When you click on this, you will be taken to the next step in the process. You will be given a time when the doctor is available and will be able to see you.

Step 2: Complete Your Profile

Before the doctor will consult with you, you need to create a profile. Online consultations are not anonymous but online doctors are also bound to keep their patient’s information confidential. You need to complete a profile and give the doctor some details about your condition and concerns.

Step 3: See the Doctor

This is one of the parts of the process that are different from platform to platform. In some cases, seeing the doctor means that you will have a video call or phone call consultation with the doctor. A video call is usually preferred when visual symptoms or diagnoses are required. In some states, video calls are required and no consultation may be done without it. Other online doctor’s simply review the complaint and description you submit and send you advice via email. Some may request a video call depending on your medical condition.

Step 4: Get a Treatment Plan and Prescription

As part of the profile, you have to complete you have to indicate whether you want treatment options and medication prescribed by the doctor. If you indicated this, then the next step will be that the doctor provides you with a diagnosis and a treatment plan to deal with your condition. He or she may also prescribe medicine if it is part of the treatment plan.

Step 5: Get Your Medicine

The prescription you receive could either be filled by a land-based pharmacy or an online pharmacy. The urgency of the need for medication may influence your decision here. Online pharmacies usually deliver within a day or two. Online pharmacies are discreet and may be the choice for those who need medication for erectile dysfunction or other embarrassing conditions.

In essence, an online doctor’s consultation is not much different than a traditional one. Instead of having to drive a long way or wait for hours, you get faster, cheaper, and more convenient health care. Here is another useful guide that walks you through the online pharmacy process, in case you still have any doubts.…

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